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The Fifteen Legendary Ballparks

Featuring Fenway Park, Ebbets Field, Yankee Stadium and More.

Classic Ballparks National League Park Philadelphia Base Ball Grounds Baker Bowl Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Hall of Fame
(aka National League Park) Baker Bowl Philadelphia, 1895–1950 This view looking north at the intersection of North 15th St. and West Huntingdon St. in North Philadelphia captures the urban setting in which many of the classic ballparks were built. Baker Bowl was the first ballpark to use a cantilevered design in steel to support the second-level seating and roof.
Classic Ballparks Connie Mack Stadium Shibe Park Philadelphia Athletics Baseball Hall of Fame
(aka Connie Mack Stadium) Shibe Park Philadelphia, 1909–1976 This view looking northeast across Lehigh Ave. and 21st Street in north Philadelphia is what a person would have seen in 1909 when this first all steel and concrete ballpark opened as the new home of the Philadelphia Athletics.
Classic Ballparks Forbes Field Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Hall of Fame
Forbes Field Pittsburgh, 1909–1971 I envisioned this image as being an early morning view of the ballpark, located at the corner of Sennott St. and Bouquet St., on Opening Day of the 1910 season in Pittsburgh. The interlocking PBC letters on the hanging banners that flew outside the ballpark reminded everyone passing by that the Pittsburgh ballclub was the reigning World Series Champion of 1909, the year this beautiful ballpark opened its gates.
Classic Ballparks League Park Cleveland Indians Cleveland Spiders Baseball Hall of Fame
(aka Dunn Field) League Park Cleveland, 1910–1951 This image of League Park is taken from the area northwest of the site looking back toward the southeast. It shows the large brick arches along East 66th St. and Linwood Ave. This could have been reminiscent of the scene outside the ballpark on the eve of the 1920 World Series.
Classic Ballparks Comiskey Park Chicago White Sox Baseball Hall of Fame
Comiskey Park Chicago, 1910–1991 This view of Comiskey Park, looking northeast across 35th St. and Shields Ave. at the main entrance, shows the unique, free-standing ticket kiosks that sat in front of the highly detailed brick facade that greeted fans the day the ballpark opened July 1, 1910.
Classic Ballparks Crosley Field Redland Field Cincinnati Reds Baseball Hall of Fame
(aka Crosley Field) Redland FieldCincinnati, 1912–1972 Although Redland Field never had uplighting on the main ticket booths and office building, this nighttime image accentuates the incredible architectural detail that highlights the facade made up of stone, brick and terra cotta.
Classic Ballparks Fenway Park Boston Red Sox Baseball Hall of Fame
Fenway Park Boston, 1912–? This view of Fenway Park is taken from Brookline Ave. looking across Jersey St. (present day Yawkey Way) at the Gate A entrance. It’s the way Fenway Park would have looked after a passing thunderstorm in the opening year of 1912.
Classic Ballparks Ebbets Field Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Hall of Fame
Ebbets Field Brooklyn, 1913–1960 This nighttime image could have been the scene at the corner of McKeever Place and Sullivan Place in Brooklyn the evening before the opening of the ballpark in 1913. I took the liberty of placing people in 21st-century clothing into the image, so it appears that they went back in time to witness the opening of this wonderful neighborhood ballpark.
Classic Ballparks Braves Field Boston Braves Baseball Hall of Fame
Braves Field Boston, 1915–1955 This image of Braves Field is taken looking across Gaffney St. toward the northwest. It highlights the administrative building and main ticket booths, the most distinguishing feature of this ballpark, which opened in 1915. At that time, it was the first ballpark to have a seating capacity in excess of 37,000.
Classic Ballparks Yankee Stadium New York Yankees Baseball Hall of Fame
Yankee Stadium New York, 1923–2010 Yankee Stadium was the last of the 15 classic ballparks built at the beginning of the 20th century. It was the first ballpark to have three levels of seating decks and had the largest seating capacity of any ballpark of its era. This view focusing on the Gate 4 area of the stadium is how it appeared in 1923, the year Yankee Stadium opened.
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